Extreme Pet Odor, Don’t Call It Quits Just Yet

I would like to give some information about what to do if you feel as though you have an EXTREME my cat/dog has urinated several to 40 or more times in a small location on my carpet and it smells so so bad and I want the very best possible result pet odor problem.
Now don’t get me wrong, many many times our company can treat an area that has been soiled on a few times and wha-la! Problem solved. But sometimes we have that pet that just loves to show us affection in the most unusual ways. I’m talking about our puuurrrfect cats or cute wet nosed dogs that have soiled on our carpet over and over again, which in turn caused a potent reoccurring odor. When this happens, there are certain steps a homeowner can take before calling it quits on their carpet. Why not save a chunk of cash if possible by calling the professionals at www.zerorez.com/sanantonio?

Here we go: Carpet Cleaning DIY-Attacking VERY tough odor


 Locate the soiled (sprayed or urinated on) area

Once the problem is pinpointed, lift the carpet (most carpet is pretty easy to peel away-just pick the closest corner to the soiled spot).

Cut out the padding from the soiled area. Don’t be scared, most stores that sell carpet will sell padding separately and at a very affordable price. You may even get lucky and be given some scrap pieces (be sure to match it with your original padding)

Clean the floorboards that were affected with urine with a disinfectant cleaner of your choice. If the soiled area is located near the wall or in a corner, make sure to clean the walls and baseboards around it as well if you happen to have a cat that may have sprayed. People can check steam carpet cleaning for the best carpet cleaning. Also consider this carpet cleaning knoxville tn for a world-class service that will definitely pass a customer’s satisfaction level.

Use an oil based stain blocker/primer like kilz to cover the affected floorboards as well as the baseboards and wall if necessary. (At very LEAST two coats)

After the kilz is completely dry, place the new padding over it and paint over the kilz on your baseboards and wall with its matching paint if you had to go that route.

Place your carpet back to its original state and CALL US to come clean your carpet. Now that you have   taken steps for EXTREME pet odor, we can come clean the carpet and most likely will have a wonderful outcome with the odor being resolved.

I hope to have given you carpet cleaning tips that have given you hope again for those tough odors!

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