Pet Stain & Odor Control

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Pet Stain & Odor Removal

Standard carpet cleaning may not be enough to remove the toughest stains & odors.  However, do not worry – we have the equipment, deodorizers, spotting products, and knowledge to take care of our furry loved ones messes.

First we identify all of the problem areas in the carpet so we can be sure to treat effectively as possible. Next, we’ll apply our specialized cleaning solution that helps to break down odors from urine, feces, or vomit. Cleaning Solutions can reach temperatures that exceed 230 degrees.   After we allow the product to dwell and break down odors if necessary, we will use our sub surface extraction tool. The sub surface extraction tool allows us to extract below the carpet surface and even remove the odor causing material from the pad. After we have thoroughly flushed the area, we treat the remaining spot with our advanced spotting products. This will leave your carpets clean and smelling new once again.

For more information on Carpet Restoration and the proper techniques for successful odor removal read our blog below- Extreme Pet Odors, Don't call its quits just yet.

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