Upholstery & Mattress Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

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A thorough cleaning of your upholstery will ensure your furniture last longer so you can continue to enjoy them. Upholstery is made of various fiber types, your technician will be able to identify what fiber type and cleaning method that is safe for that piece, and provide an accurate price for cleaning during the walk-thru process, or over the phone. We recommend having your upholstery cleaning every 2-3 years, however depending on use you may wish to have your upholstery cleaned more often.

Mattress Cleaning

upholstery cleaning ann arbor miWe spend about 1/3 of our life sleeping in bed. Periodically we wash our sheets, bedding, and pillow cases – but what about our mattresses? We were surprised to find out that many people didn’t even know they could have their mattresses cleaned. We offer a mattress cleaning service and can also apply an anti-allergen treatment. Our truck mounted equipment produces water temperatures 240 degrees and higher. This is great of sanitizing your mattress and helps to lower the amount of dust, dead skin cells, and allergens that are in the mattress.

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